The Global Geospatial Scholarship. A set of practical Remote Sensing and ERDAS IMAGINE professional online courses

Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs is pleased to announce two Geospatial training and certification solutions. One for developing countries and the other for developed countries. These solutions enable mastering Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing online from home, and they include the following three international certificates; which are recommended by Hexagon Geospatial:

You can study and take exams from home, university or any place. You can select your suitable exam date from our exam schedule which is announced weekly. The courses and exams are available in two languages (English and Arabic), and it serves the following professions [Geography – Geology – GIS – Surveying – Petrology & Mineralogy – Urban Planning – Agriculture – Exploration - Computer Science & Computer Engineering – Information Systems – Irrigation Engineering – Roads Engineering - …. others]. Our two Geospatial training solutions are as follows:

1) 85% Discount For students from Developing Countries:

  • Dedicated to students from Developing countries.
  • Under this plan you only pay 15% of the Standard Prices of the courses / certificates.

2) 75% Discount for students from Developed Countries and GCC Member Countries:

  • Dedicated to students from Developed countries and the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.
  • Under this plan you only pay 25% of the Standard Prices of the courses / certificates.

Scholarship Options:

  • Free access to ERDAS IMAGINE Monthly Student License is included during the study period.
  • If you already have access to ERDAS IMAGINE at your university, institution, or organization, you can get an additional 5% discount.
  • This 5% reduction is NOT the license price. It represents only the licensing administration fees including (order management – license assignment and support).
  • Study duration extension is allowed for an additional fee of 5% of the Standard Prices of the desired items (courses / certificates).
  • If you are not a student, we have other special offers for you as well.


We are seeking to support the Geospatial community in all the world and we wish you all success.

A video of announcing the Global Geospatial Scholarship at the Library of Alexandria.


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