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Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs is the first company worldwide that developed a full online educational program in the field of Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing that includes education, evaluation, testing and certification. Our main focus is to provide you with simple and attractive ways of teaching, practicing and applying Remote Sensing techniques and satellite image processing in your own profession. We deliver a complete set of online short courses including more than ninety recorded video lectures and 16 short courses. Our educational program is delivered to the users through the Remote Sensing Portal which manages the educational process.

We guarantee to increase the efficiency and productivity of personnel through our distance learning. We seek to create pioneers in the Remote Sensing community. Hence, we developed a simple teaching standard that enables you and thousands worldwide to convert their laptops into Real Remote Sensing Labs. These Labs are powerful enough to perform all satellite image processing lab work in addition to understanding how to integrate both field and lab work together. In other words, they will be able to conduct complete Remote Sensing projects.

You can benefit from our courses if you are a Remote Sensing Specialist, GIS Specialist, Geologist, Mineralogist, Petrologist, Geographer, Surveyor, Urban Designer, Agriculturalist, Exploration Specialist, Mapping Specialist, Soil Specialist, Environmentalist, Computer Engineer, Irrigation Engineer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Geomatics Engineer, Roads Engineer or some others.

In addition to our short courses, we also deliver a testing system (like TOEFL, IELTS, and PMP) in the field of Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing. It includes three main levels of evaluation certificates as follows:

  • Remote Sensing Specialist.. RSS™.
  • Remote Sensing Professional.. RSP™.
  • Remote Sensing Solution Developer.. RSSD™.

For more information, refer to our free lectures' samples and Course Catalogue at our home page, knowing that the courses and Exams are available in both English and Arabic languages.

  • 01/06/2018: Publishing our new web page on Hexagon Geospatial website at this link
  • 17/5/2018: Starting ISPRS offer of Course no 3 with ERDAS Imagine License.
  • 26/04/2018: Signing a Developing Education Partnership agreement with Hexagon Geospatial. Read more...
  • 20/04/2018: Signing a partnership agreement with Geo University, after about one month of discussions.Read more...
  • 05/03/2018: Starting the ISPRS offer of the courses no 1,2 and 5.
  • 01/01/2018: Announcing the 2018 BRS-Labs Awards on ISPRS website. Read more...
  • 22/09/2017: BRS-Labs Speech in ISPRS Geospatial Week 2017. View Video...
  • 10/09/2017: End of the Soft Launch and Testing Period of the Remote Sensing Portal.
  • 10/05/2017: Starting the Soft Launch of the Remote Sensing Portal after finishing the courses.
  • 29/12/2015: Officially establishing BRS-Labs Company.
  • 06/03/2015: The first meeting of BRS-Labs team to design our educational standard, and start creating our courses and certificates.
  • 01/12/2014: Studying the feasibility of establishing the Remote Sensing Portal.

ONLINE Remote Sensing Certificates & Courses

Develop your skills , enhance your career and enrich your CV.

1- Remote Sensing Specialist Certificate.. RSS™ (includes 9 short courses).

The Remote Sensing Specialist Certificate... RSS™ includes nine remote sensing and satellite image processing short courses-shown below. The first two short courses are introductory courses with no practical work. The following seven short courses are all practical cour.. More

2- Remote Sensing Professional Certificate.. RSP™ (includes 4 short courses).

After finishing the Remote Sensing Specialist short courses and having its RSS™ certificate, you are then qualified to proceed forward to the next level which is The Remote Sensing Professional certificate... RSP™. This certificate includes four additional short courses.. More

3- Remote Sensing Solution Developer Certificate.. RSSD™ (includes 3 short courses).

The Remote Sensing Solution Developer Certificate... RSSD™ includes three remote sensing and satellite image processing short courses. They are organized in a gradual sequence that teaches you step by step how to become a solution developer. They teach you how to think,.. More

Get a free ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 during studying ERDAS Imagine Online Training courses

BRS-Labs is offering 16 online ERDAS Imagine courses & Certificates + Free ERDAS Imagine software (Educational License) for its students during their study duration. The courses include 94 video lectures and tutorials beneficial to undergraduates, master degree, & PhD students. More

ERDAS IMAGINE and Remote Sensing training courses and certification program

Become a Certified Trainer

BRS-Labs (as a certified developing education partner for Hexagon Geospatial) offers specialists and professionals from all the world the right to teach the Remote Sensing & ERDAS IMAGINE curriculum created by BRS-Labs by themselves in their universities or organizations More

Become a Certified Training Center

BRS-Labs is offers private training centers, faculties and universities' departments the right to become a certified training centers. These centers are authorized to teach the Remote Sensing & ERDAS IMAGINE curriculum created by BRS-Labs More

Join the University Program

The University Program is concerned with teaching BRS-Labs' Remote Sensing & Satellite Image Processing courses shown in our course list as a university curriculum (using ERDAS IMAGINE software), or as an associated part to one of the current university taught subjects. More

Join the Organization Program

BRS-Labs; as an authorized developing education partner to Hexagon Geospatial, is pleased to offer this advantageous offer to Organizations seeking professional education in the field of Remote Sensing & Satellite Image Processing. More

Our Specialized Courses & Services


This course is your first choice for improving your Exploration Team performance. Part 1 enables your personnel to master satellite image processing and remote sensing. Part 2 concentrates on Remote Sensing applications in the field of minerals and natural resources with particular attention to Exploration. More


This course is your first choice for improving your Exploration Team performance. Part 1 enables your personnel to master satellite image processing and remote sensing. Part 2 concentrates on Remote Sensing applications in the field of oil and gas with particular attention to Exploration. More


For increasing your safety and performance during field exploration work in unknown terrains or risky soils, “Safe Exploration” is an advanced course & solution for off-road trafficability maps production, with an optional smart off-road navigator project. Our Safe Exploration Solution enables planning your safest route & shortest crossing time More


Our developers are specialized in creating customized e-learning websites tailored to your unique requirements. Also, we can teach your team how to develop video lectures & tutorials then integrate them easily with your distance learning system. In brief, whatever the contents are difficult and complex, our goal is to make your online education simple and attractive. More

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