An opportunity for Organizations, Entrepreneurs and Investors to become either a Standard or Strategic Partner / Owner:


First, becoming a Standard Partner:

To become a [Reseller Partner – Training Partner – Developing Education Partner] or to invest in translating our courses to your language and becoming a "Translator Partner", contact us at the email below with your info and a description of your needs.

Please write the word "Partnership" in the subject of your email. Email:


Second, becoming a Strategic Partner / Shareholder:


Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs; which is a Developing Education Partner of Hexagon Geospatial, and Sustaining Member of ISPRS, is offering an opportunity for organizations and entrepreneurs from all the world to become a strategic partner/ shareholder of a Global Geospatial Company “Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs”, and its Prestigious Online Education & Certification System; “the Remote Sensing Portal”. The portal is dedicated to mastering Remote Sensing & Satellite Image Processing. We have decided to refinance our business model by selling either a certain portion of the shares of Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs Company to develop its Geospatial educational services by upgrading our courses to the latest version of ERDAS IMAGINE 2020, and much more, in collaboration with a new strategic partner/ shareholderThe new partnership will include the Remote Sensing Portal itself, its courses, curricula, exams, Global Certification System, and many other benefits. We are offering shareholders multiple alternative percentages of ( 20%, 40%51%) of the shares.

The following are some key benefits:

  • Our business territory is our students from all the world who enroll at the Remote Sensing Portal and not limited by certain specified country, and we are authorized to offer up-to-date ERDAS IMAGINE software students licenses for our students from all the world during their online studying period, and also authorized to add Hexagon Geospatial’s logo on all our certificates.
  • Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs is the first “Developing Education Partner” of Hexagon Geospatial (and the only one up till now) and we have more than 10 different referral links on Hexagon Geospatisl’s website and blog referring to our Remote Sensing Portal . 
  • A ready made and tested Global Geospatial Education, Examination and Certification System available in two languages [English – Arabic, other languages can be added].  
  • Very Powerful SEO system, which enables the Remote Sensing Portal to appear within the top 5 positions in Google search results, or other search engines when searching for ERDAS IMAGINE training courses from any part of the world.
  • 1.5 Million pages visited/year and 30,000 unique visitors from the Geospatial Community to our Remote Sensing Portal in 2019 only, within a total of 41K visits/year (at the end of December 2019).
  • Check what has been recently published by Hexagon Geospatial about the benefits and wide range of advantages of our Remote Sensing education & certification system from this link.
  • Other wide range of benefits shown below in the “Notes” section.

 Finally, if you wish to: [apply for acquiring any portion of shares as mentioned above - receive a detailed pdf file including all other advantages and competitive edges of acquiring these shares - know why we are selling these shares - or any other questions] please contact: with your questions.  


This offer and the above prices include the following advantages, and much more:


  •        A set of already Signed International agreements and cooperation protocols, example (Las Vegas Water Valley District, Yarmouk University, GeoUniversity).
  •        Our Courses List page is available in the most widely spoken 26 languages in order to appear in Google search to people searching using their native languages.
  •        A University Curriculum .
  •        16 online training courses.
  •        3 Brand Names: 3 registered trademarks for 3 education levels & certificates which are [Certified Remote Sensing Specialist .. RSS TM - Certified Remote Sensing Professional .. RSP TM -        Certified Remote Sensing Solution Developer .. RSSD TM ] in addition to a registered Brand Name for our company “BRS-Labs”
  •        An ERDAS IMAGINE Certification Program (includes Certified Trainer certificate, certified training center certificate, and others).
  •        The copyright of our 94 recorded video lectures.
  •        Question bank for all our courses.
  •        Online Learning Management System.
  •        Examination System that monitor students globally by webcams during their exams.
  •        Verified Certification System: Our certificates are verified by two ways, which are [QR code verification – the student photo of the exam day is printed on his certificate]. Check a certificate sample in our main brochure from this link.
  •        Brand Ambassadors System.
  •        Wide Student Testimonial from the many countries in the world, Check samples from this link.
  •        Many other wide range of benefits can be sent to you when you contact us for more details.

Finally, for applying or any questions, please  contact:

Best Regards,

The Remote Sensing Portal


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