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This page includes a list of workshops, research papers, case studies, and presentations in Remote Sensing applications in Geology, Surveying, Agriculture & Food Security, Environment, Oceanography, and Fishery, in addition to the preparation of your career, job opportunities, and how to qualify yourself to master satellite image processing, remote sensing, Geospatial technology, and software tools. But first of all, don't worry about acquiring remote sensing knowledge and mastering its applied tools. You can gain this practical knowledge easily and quickly in just 2 to 4 months by visiting the following link to enroll and enjoy studying our list of self-paced short courses and their step-by-step video tutorials.
Check our list of Workshops, Research Papers, and Case Studies in Remote Sensing:
List of Workshops, Research Papers, and Case Studies in Remote Sensing & its Applications (same as above, but in text format):

Finally, to acquire the experience and practical tools of Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing, you can easily and quickly enjoy studying our list of self-paced step-by-step short courses and video tutorials in just 2 to 4 months based on your daily studying time.

Enjoy studying with us :)
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