Satellite Images Digitizing and Annotation Online Training Course & tutorial (Using ERDAS IMAGINE)

Course Contents

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In this course you will learn how to use different drawing tools for creating an annotation layer that overlays satellite images or maps. This layer is used to draw and emphasize various types of features, such as [roads, cities' names, rivers, railways, water areas, green areas, urban areas, and others]. This layer is considered one of the main steps for map production in most types of maps. You will also learn how to save information and description related to each drawn feature in the attribute table. In addition, you will learn an introduction to dealing with vector layers, and how to create a shape file "in shp format" in order to draw and represent features in the form of points, lines, and polygons. Moreover, you will learn how to gather information regarding the important features from external resources such as Google Earth and Open Street Maps by linking them with ERDAS Imagine.

Lecture 1 : Create Annotation Layer

Create Annotation Layer Using Erdas Imagine software

Lecture 2 : Create Vector Layer

Create Vector Layer Using Erdas Imagine software

Lecture 3 : Create Vector Symbology

Create Vector Symbology Using Erdas Imagine software

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