Remote Sensing Certificates (Specialist, Professional, Developer)

Remote Sensing Certificates (RSS, RSP, RSSD)

1- Remote Sensing Specialist Certificate.. RSS™ (includes 9 short courses).

RSS™ is a global Geospatial online certificate contains 9 online short training courses covering the following topics [geometric correction, satellite images interpretation, digitizing and annotation, supervised or unsupervised classification, map pr..

2- Remote Sensing Professional Certificate.. RSP™ (includes 4 short courses).

RSP™ is a global Geospatial online certificate contains 4 advanced online short training courses covering the following topics [satellite images subseting & mosaicking, image enhancement, terrain analysis, and 3D viewing and simulation using Virtual ..

3- Remote Sensing Solution Developer Certificate.. RSSD™ (includes 3 short courses).

The RSSD™ global Geospatial online certificate is based on ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler. It contains 3 online short training courses covering several Geospatial projects titled [Solution Developer levels 1,2 and 3]. The courses are based on advanced..

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