Remote Sensing Fundamentals Online Training Course

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This course represents a preparation phase for the practical remote sensing processes studied in all further courses. It focuses on understanding satellite images and presenting an introduction to remote sensing science fundamentals. It includes an explanation of many important topics, such as various usages and applications of satellite images, types of resolutions, understanding differences between various types of satellite images, data types produced from satellite images, deciding which type of satellite images is most suitable for your project, how to buy a satellite image. Additionally, it includes an explanation of electromagnetic spectrum, waves, frequencies, and a comparison in vision system between humans, animals, and satellite sensors. Finally, the course ends by introducing satellite image processing steps, which will be practically applied in details in the following set of courses. It teaches you how to select the needed image processing steps, and how to decide its suitable sequence according to the target of your project.

Lecture 1 : Introduction to Satellite Images and its Application

Introduction to Satellite Images and its Application

Lecture 2 : Remote Sensing Fundamentals I

Remote Sensing Fundamentals I

Lecture 3 : Remote Sensing Fundamentals II

Remote Sensing Fundamentals II

Lecture 4 : Remote Sensing Fundamentals III

Remote Sensing Fundamentals III

Lecture 5 : Purchasing Satellite Images

Purchaseing Satellite Images

Lecture 6 : Satellite Images Processing Steps

Satellite Images Processing Steps

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