Introduction to Practical Remote Sensing (Using ERDAS IMAGINE) Training Course & tutorial

Course Contents

This course represents a shift from the introductory or preparation phase; taught in the previous two courses, to the practical phase in which you will start dealing with various types of real satellite images using a professional remote sensing software (ERDAS Imagine®). This course includes performing many basic and essential image processing functions on satellite images, such as opening various types of satellite data types, performing measurements for features in the satellite images, linking images, controlling the scale, changing various raster options, analyzing pixel values, using different tools for comparing satellite images, reading metadata, and dealing with various libraries of spectral profiles.

Lecture 1 : Introduction to Practical Remote Sensing

Lecture 2 : Open and Close Layer Free

Lecture 3 : Raster Options

Lecture 4 : Add Views

Lecture 5 : Contents Pane

Lecture 6 : Shoe Box

Lecture 7 : Link Views and View Scale

Lecture 8 : Inquire Functions

Lecture 9 : Zoom, Pan, and Inset view

Lecture 10 : Measurement Tools

Lecture 11 : Blend, Swipe and Flicker

Lecture 12 : Metadata Examine

Lecture 13 : Spectral Profile

Lecture 14 : Surface Profile Free

Lecture 15 : Spatial Profile

Lecture 16 : Customizing My Workflow Tab

Lecture 17 : Importing Data

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