The Global Geospatial Scholarship for Students in Developing Countries

The Global Geospatial Scholarship for Students in Developing Countries

A scholarship for mastering Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing including international certificates recommended by Hexagon Geospatial US company.

The scholarship qualifies you to get the following certificates:

The scholarship is available for undergraduate and post graduate students, in addition to academic staff of universities and institutions in the developing countries shown below. You can study and take exams online from home, university or any place. You can select your suitable exam date from our exam schedule which is announced weekly. The scholarship is available in two languages (English and Arabic), and it serves the following professions [Geography – Geology – GIS – Surveying – Petrology & Mineralogy – Urban Planning – Agriculture – Exploration - Computer Science & Computer Engineering – Information Systems – Irrigation Engineering – Roads Engineering - …. others].

To enroll, find more details, and contact the responsible person:

  • Egypt.
  • Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia.
  • Gulf Cooperation Council “GCC” countries (Coming Soon).
  • Other Countries (Coming Soon).
  • Your country is not listed and needs to enroll? Send your info, organization or university and the name of the country you request to add to the following email: (, and we will contact you regarding the requirements for adding a new country.

We are seeking to support the Geospatial community in the developing countries. We wish you all success.


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